Meet the Captain

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Long Island native, Marty Fox went to Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida, where he received his private and commercial pilot’s license. Marty then returned home to the Bahamas to fly Piper Aztecs and Britten Norman Islanders inter-island for Trans Island Airways. After 3 years, Marty moved from Nassau to Long Island, where he flew for Stella Maris resort for a year before purchasing his own aircraft, a 5 seater Piper Aztec, in January of 1992.

Island Wings has served air charter clients for over 20 years throughout the Bahamas, with a particular focus in the southeastern Bahamas. In 2013, Island Wings received approval from The U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation) Exemption Authority, to operate commercially into and out of Florida. This has allowed travelers convenient, hassle-free access to the South Eastern Bahamas directly from the U.S.

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